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book introduction
It contains the sermons the author shared with his family regarding the providence of God and human responsibility while serving as the president of the European CARP and the continent. Based on the Bible, it focuses on various guidelines for our lives and faith and an in-depth study on the development of God's providence. was composed

Deformed Crown Edition / 460 pages / 2019.9.5 Published / Written by Sa Kwang-gi

33 years ago, in 1986, under the orders of True Parents, he arrived in Germany and ran across Europe with his hair waving for 18 years. Fragments of the years spent loving Europe and my mission as much as life in a lot of time hang around my neck and make my heart ache.
I promised my wife that I would publish an autobiography and a Korean version of Providence and Responsibility to commemorate my seventh birthday. The truth, conscience, and countless events and moments that cried out to young people in Europe have become precious history to me, but the thought of what kind of existence I am to them today also makes me humble.
This book was first published in English in 2000, but it took a lot of courage to publish the Korean version. As the providence develops and changes, there may be some content that does not match reality, but it is translated as it is. At that time, struggling to uncover the truth of the providence, and throwing away the fearful image of being terrified to fulfill the responsibilities that were too overwhelming to bear, is interesting and hopeful that it will be helpful to today's young juniors. Even if there are errors in the content I taught at that time, I think it will be helpful to evaluate and understand the situation at that time by translating it and publishing it as it is without correcting it.

Korean version of 'Provide and Responsibility'

Part I Faith and Freedom
Let's become the second lever door
faith and freedom
where did you fall
one who disobeys the Holy Spirit
Judah's Wrath
Why did the Israelites not look at the copper serpent?
God treats you like sons and daughters
Destroy your golden calf
do you love me more than these people
Come to Galilee

Part 2 Europe and the True Family Movement
World CARP Conference in Berlin, breaking down the wall of the Cold War
Standing on the field of German reunification
resurrection and return
A new era centered on a new 'family oath'
Seriously but enjoyable
The importance of working in Europe
4th dynasty
the covenant age
Let's be proud of True Parents
Let's free the consciences of our brothers and sisters
imperial right
don't trust time
Blessed Globalization
The providential meaning of the heavens, earth and parents, the realm of sabbatical
Blessings and the True Family Movement
Inner unity and spontaneity
The Covenant Age and Blessings
The true blessing of cosmopolitanization is the eradication of satanic bloodlines
Cosmic Providence and the Completion of Heaven

Part 3 Heartfelt and Official Course
Heart, love and responsibility
God's will
subject and object
General considerations for conduction
the triumph of the spirit
providential official course

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Product Name 섭리와 책임
Price $13.87
Size 170X225mm
Weight 사광기
Language 한국어
Domestic / International Shipping oversea delivery
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